A Journey of Chaos & Confusion

Journeying with an adolescent man looks quite different than with an adult.  Our journey is focused much more in the present for three reasons:  First, there is less history to engage.  Second, adolescent brains developmentally (while capable of immense insight) are not always equipped and ready to engage past chapters.  Third, Adolescence is the most chaotic and confusing part of our journey.  This third point cannot be overstated.  In 1904 pioneering psychologist G. Stanley Hall claimed that adolescence was a period of “Storm and stress.”  The adolescents and parents I work with agree to this.

Two key objectives of adolescence are survival and the development of a unique identity.  Adolescents must survive both the chaos of life and their mistakes and failures; a prerequisite to gaining a sense of autonomy and confidence (learning from mistakes).

Sadly, youth are growing up in a culture of failure-avoidance.  Youth have a sense they must be “put together” always.  Media and technology allow access to a world and events that most adults are ill equipped to handle, much less a developing mind.  No wonder depressive episodes in adolescence has increased by a third since 2004, with 20% of all adolescents wrestling with a mental health disorder.

So, we journey often in the present.  We attempt to make sense and stability out of a time that is inherently turbulent and unstable.  We define a standard for self-identity that is rooted internally, rather than the external impossible standards of social media.  We equip young men with the tools to stabilize the normally unstable emotions they experience during this time. 

Unbound Living seeks to utilize a trusting therapeutic relationship to create a place where the chaos of the teenage years can be engaged with safety, stability, and understanding.  By journeying in the present we build a foundation of self-efficacy and resilience for their journey moving forward.