Journey With Kidness & Compassion

I have yet to have an adult client approach me asking to do “Journey Work.”  Most of my clients approach me symptomatically; there are symptoms in daily life which are unpleasant.  Symptoms are indicative of themes and wounds experienced on their journey and serve as a great launching point for therapy. 

These symptoms take various forms:  Something feeling "off," "being stuck", or a lack of satisfaction and delight in life.  You may experience relational isolation or be perceived as distant (lacking long-term and stable relationships).  You may feel dominated by emotions:  anger, anxiety, sadness, grief, shame, helplessness, and hopelessness.

We focus on these symptoms over the course of your life to find their origin.  Our work focuses on both the stabilization of these symptoms in the present, and the processing (healing) of these wounds from their origin past.

If the above paragraphs feel familiar you are not alone (though it may feel that way).  Men often journey alone, hiding and ignoring wounds.  Wounds can make us feel vulnerable, weak, inadequate and exposed.  Often men choose to numb, rather than process, wounds.  These short-term fixes often prove unhealthy long-term.  Fear and shame can bind men to these fixes and discourage long-term health.

The work of Unbound Living is to create a space where we are able to journey together to the origin of these wounds with kindness and compassion.  A redefining of strength not as isolation in pain, but courageously stepping into authenticity and relationship.  By changing the paradigm of how you engage your pain you heal unwanted of symptoms in the present, free yourself of the bind of wounds past, and open yourself up to dream about your future with freedom and hope.