I remember the first time I invited another individual to truly journey with me in my life.  Until then I had attempted to hide large chunks of my journey from others (and myself).  I don't recall which was more terrifying, the idea of allowing another to fully see me or the idea of fully seeing myself.  I sat gripping the steering wheel of my car in the parking of a therapist I was about to meet for the first time.  I was scared, conflicted, anxious, frustrated and isolated.  I knew I had the chance to step into something new but the decision was still difficult; authenticity is vulnerability, it is hard.

I chose to share all the areas I had been holding alone for so long.  I was certain the therapist would think I was a hopeless mess.  Instead he looked me in the eyes and said, “I love you now more than I ever could have when you first entered, you brought the real you.”  This was my first experience engaging my journey wholeheartedly, seeing myself in all of my strengths and defects.  As I learned wholehearted living I was able to add grace, kindness and love for my own life.  These lessons required that I invite another along in my process, one who had experience with this path.  

We learn to hide our true self from our own eyes and the eyes of others.  We learn our struggles should be hidden, that they detract our value.  This is the antitheses of wholehearted living.  It is in relationships we learn to hide ourselves and it is in relationship that we learn to truly be seen.  This is a deep and vulnerable authenticity that many men realize they are lacking in relationships.

This is the work that Unbound Living seeks to do with adolescent and adult men.  What is Unbound Living?  Our purpose is:  “Moving from the past, to the present, for the future.  Our vision is, “Helping men heal past wounds, living wholeheartedly in the present, with unbound momentum toward the future."

We will walk and uncover events that have made up the journey thus far (past).  These events shape the way we engage the world, others, and ourselves.  They often create agreements (beliefs & interpretations) that hinder our ability to engage life wholeheartedly (present).  Together we unwrap and release the bindings of these agreements, allowing for hope and curiosity to be fully experienced (future). 

I desire to walk with adolescent and adult men in engaging imperfection and struggle with grace, acceptance and love.  For me this is the definition of strength.  This is wholehearted living.  This is Unbound Living.  I hope to meet you in your journey.

Until Then,


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